Tuesday, August 13, 2013

#3: Hot Coffee

Ever since I started work, I can't help but start my day with a hot cup of coffee. It's really the perfect way to kick start my day and I suppose the other reason behind it is that I just love coffee. Other than that, update on life. Been reading my Chicken Soup for the Soul: Happily Ever After book. It's definitely refreshing and other than that, I just love reading. Reading wakes me up and gives me the tranquil moment that I need badly after a long day at work and socializing. Perfect to go with a bowl of fruits at night. Anyway, time to get back to work. Toodles!

Monday, August 12, 2013

#2: Work

Yes guys... Am currently working. Been employed for 2 months and a week now. Well.. I love my job. For real. Though, I'm definitely not going to reveal where I'm at yet until I've been confirmed. As of current, I think work life couldn't get any better. It's really a very fun and loving environment and I really feel at home here. For the record, I have always been afraid of work life. Not knowing the type of colleagues I'll have, the type of work environment I'll be in and all those details. Afraid that I will have too much load and not be able to catch up on work and just, get to stressed out at my workplace. Worse, I may not love my job at all and not be able to work but still have to force myself to work because I can't find any better job though I can always try again but I don't want to change too many boats for sure. I definitely want to stay and really work and all that. So... what am I doing? What is my job like? All I can say is that... I feel like I've gotten the job that I've always wanted and well, I'm definitely happy to be here. I'm currently into events and all that. Getting to know people and meeting people it's really fun. I really love it and I don't think it can get any worse. Moreover, I think I have the best colleagues ever. Everything here at work is more than I can ever ask for and I really couldn't ask for more because I think it really is the best here for me. Currently, I'm still in the office typing this as I'm on management duty. It's actually fun and walking around helps to compensate those calories that I've been consuming but never had time to burn due to work. Anyway, it's time to well.. Leave this place that I call my 2nd home. I'm glad to be here. In this management. Nights.

#1: New Beginnings

It's been really long since I last blogged... I'm finally back to blogging after.. about a year and a half? It feels weird to not blog. It's like I have all this things, feelings, emotions, confusions stuffed inside me that is dying to be let out but I am not able to do so because I have decided to stop blogging. So here I am again.. Back to blogging because well.. Blogging used to play a huge role and I suppose it shall and always will because blogging used to be what I do on a day to day basis. It is a place where I jot down my innermost thoughts, express myself and one day turn back the pages to see how much I've grown from all the things that I've gone through in life. I once stopped blogging and it was fine in the beginning and then all this things about life and the things that I've gone through or was going through back then just started to suffocate me and I got so used to it that I became really emotional. I found solace in blogging. I guess, it's time that I start again. So here I am, back to blogging. :)